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No more lackluster results. No more fluffy answers.
Get marketing that actually works.


What We Do

Remember those 90's "Choose Your Own Adventure" books? Well your company is no different. You decide your fate. You choose to win. And who you choose for your marketing efforts makes a BIG difference.


While you can't thumb back a few pages and do a "redo." You can choose someone who has over a decade of proven results. And who understands your business inside and out.  

Read on to see what tailor-made marketing solution is right for you.

about us

Complete SEO Support Every Step of the way

Search Engine Optimization

Ever hear the term "Google it?" Well your future customers are doing that. If you're not showing up on Google, you're not even in the game yet. With 8+ years of helping companies from startups to billion dollar enterprises get to the top of Google, let me help yours do the same.

Strategic Consulting

Not every business needs "all the marketing." You might just need a website. You might just need social media. You might just need SEO. But I won't recommend all of them unless your business warrants it. So let's talk. 

SEO Web Development

Anyone can design a website. But not everyone can design a website that brings in traffic and future customers. Let's design a website together with SEO in mind. 

Social Media Consulting

Newsflash: you don't need to be on all the social media channels. Just pick a few that align with where your customers naturally are. Let's consult on those channels, how it can grow your customer base, and what a realistic social posting rhythm could look like.

Content Services

Storytelling should be left to humans. Only they can identify the best story, channel empathy, and sell your story so that you shine. Whether you need blogs, thought leadership, eBooks, whitepapers, testimonials, customer stories, videos, or website copy — we can help.

Nonprofit Marketing

From nonprofit private schools to organizations making a big impact, we can help. We specialize in helping cause-based organizations with nonprofit marketing to rise above the noise and make a bigger impact in their communities.

Private School Marketing

Yup. You read that right. Make Your Path Marketing Studio specializes in private school marketing. Let us help you hit your admissions goals, engage your parent and teacher audiences, and get your school brand out there in front of new parents. 

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